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Research and Analysis

Weh Audit – semcona GmbH

Web audit I Competitor audit

The results of our audits give you a deep understanding of the user language and with that new approaches for content that will reach and activate your target groups.

For that we don’t just rely on our knowledge of the world wide web but complement it with big data analysis.

With semcona, millions of web data become valuable Smart Data. The used technology works with semantic structuring, AI and cognitive computing and our web audits get a AI-backed treatment to offer you the most valuable insights and recognition. For that, we analyse online content and activities from different angles: yours, you customers and competitors.

The results of our module-based web audits enables us to answer your questions related to your online visibility, existing and prospective clients and target groups.

We identify focus-, niche topics and looming trends and point out worthwhile sustainable positionings for your business and objectives.

SEO audit

For a SEO audit, we additionally analyze and evaluate your existing online presences from a technical SEO perspective. It’s clean and complete execution is a fundamental requirement for a high online visibility.

The gained knowledge from the analysis have inter-divisional relevance, e.g. for corporate communications, campaign creation and management, SEA, ressource planning, product development and support.

SEO audit – semcona GmbH

Strategy and Conception


Strategy and Conception – semcona GmbH

Do you know the “Hey Joe” principle? Within this form of application, processes get ignored and procedures evaded. That’s not how we work. We never shoot from the hip but prepend a precise consideration about what to do when.

Every project will get a constructive planning and coordination while keeping the processes agile.

Gained knowledge from the analysis will be used for our joint strategic and content-related planning for your content hub. Thereby we orient towards defined goals that will get a permanent performance measurement later on.

Together, we develop a sustainable content concept that can be adapted fast, flexible and target-oriented if relevant trends and changing customer behavior claim for it.

Among other things, the following questions will be answered with our audits:

  • Should your content hub be separated or included in your website?
  • Which of the identified main and nice topics will gain great benefit for your company, strengthen the brand loyalty and will most powerful contribute to the achievement of the defined objectives?
  • What should be the scope of editorial contributions for the defined topics to reach a high perception within?
  • Are there saisonal priorities for topics and questions that – due to your portfolio and know – could be answered by you to position yourself for high awareness?
  • How could you adapt the web dominating tonality related to your topics within your content hub?
Infographics Content Marketing – semcona GmbH

Content that works

Infobraphics Relevance Optimization – semcona GmbH

Day by day, the user is faced with tons of irrelevant content. We come across this data trash with quality, benefit and added value for your target groups and thereby your company.

Relevant content, clear messages and a positive UX on your platform will earn important points from the user and the search engine.

We don’t copy write. Our editorial content is made for the user and mostly waives any marketing jargon. Relevance and a holistic approach means for us to near a topic from various angles and sometimes requires a different perspective. It’s exactly this aspiration that makes the content of our editorial team unique and valuable for the user. So relevance optimization, inter alia with the Smart Relevance Optimzation Platform (SRO), will especially care for a brand neutral visibility of web content, because this is the way to the heart, the trust (and the wallet) of your (potential) clients.

The work of our editorial teams rest upon the insights out of the web audits, the search volumina for the topics and surroundings and the search motivation of the user. Out of this we create our holistic and topic-near textes for you. The primary objectives are to reach an optimal google ranking and user retention through the identification of relevant topics and surroundings.

“Content Marketing has changed:
from marketing technology to a management discipline.”

Source: Mirko Lange, Scompler

Content – semcona GmbH

To reach these objectives, we develop monthly editorial plans that are oriented towards the strategic planning, but have to stay agile in it’s amount, depth and contextual compositions. Within steady brief analyses we observe the development of the defined main topics. We look for connections with fast growing trends and search volumes, to ensure the highest possible benefit for your company.

SEO execution


We connect the useful and the important, the relevant stuff with values. We don’t just analyse – we execute. We care for a complete and clean technical basis and the compliant SEO for your platform. We monitor and optimize your web content for the optimal visibility – coupling the technical and the editorial perspective.

We love to support your staff! If needed, we train them in creating and market valuable content, to convince target groups and search engines.

Most of our clients run their content hub on wordpress, nevertheless we can work with every CMS you give us access to.

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