Content Hub for FamilyApp USA

Family Digital, Inc. offers the new messenger „FamilyApp™“ where families, associations and organisations can connect and interact with each other. Families can detect new content via curated topic channels, organize oneself with the calendar function or e.g. create a joint shopping list. With all those functions, FamilyApp™ is a safe and encrypted messenger to connect generations.

Project Goal

FamilyApp wants to unite the currently heavy fragmentated family communication and offers a secure space for togetherness.

The objective is to introduce the app via relevant topics to offer incentives to register.

As a startup in the crowded space of consumer messaging, we were looking for a smart way to build brand awareness while building out our platform.  We found Semcona’s aproach in apply AI to content marketing compelling, and took a risk being one of the first to implement it in the US. We are glad we bet our scarce marketing dollars on this process. We now are more visible than entrenched competitors and have our own natural search-optimized content hub from which to accelerate campaigns as the app is ready for prime time.

Peter Kraus

CEO, Family Digital, Inc.

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Project Scope

After a first relevance analysis in the US a continuous relevance monitoring was drafted to determine relevant topics and local trends around Virginia Beach. The insights are used for creating the monthly editorial plan and the article design. For an optimal distribution, accompanying social media postings will be created.

Result of the Relevance Optimization

Already 3 months after launch, the platform was established in the organic search results in the USA. Thanks to the user oriented content, a conversion rate of more than 5 % of the organic magazine visits could be achieved for App downloads and sign up.

Family Digital, Inc. wants to expand the cooperation with semcona in relation to Relevance Optimization and SEO. A next step will be the marketing of for Germany.