Website development for the Ernst Klett Verlag

The “Ernst Klett Verlag” as a part of the Klett Group is a provider of school books, workbooks, digital media and work material for schools. The Klett Group belongs to the biggest and most successful educational media companies in Europe with 60 companies in 16 countries. The offering of the distinct publisher units includes material for kindergartens, primary schools, intermediate-level education, secondary school, as well as for extra-occupational and correspondence schools and for nonvirtual universities.

Website relaunch: primary school blog for the Klett Grundschulverlag 

The Grundschulverlag wants to provide valuable content for all teachers within this platform: information for all fields of teaching, the first school years as well as input and help concerning the progressive digitalisation of the class rooms. Apart from that it should be a fast direct way for communication for the teaching staff. For the publisher’s textbooks, a comprehensive service is offered.

From the start, semcona was our competent guide for our path into the social media world. For us, cooperating with semcona means to have professional project partners who always have their fingers on the pulse of the time and provide helpful support anytime when needed. This continues seamlessly with the accompanying consultation and optimization of the project. Thanks for the great and pleasant collaboration!

Heike Wegel

Project Management primary school blog, Ernst Klett Verlag GmbH, primary school branch

Case Study: Grundschul-Blog
Case study: Zebrafanclub

Project Scope

In a workshop we developed target groups, topics and objectives for the blog. This was the base for the blog structure and the content orientation. Subsequently, semcona developed the design, user guidance and CI of the blog and implemented it on WordPress. The specialist plattform was adapted to the new design too.

In addition to the integrated standards semcona developed extra features like the “wish box” and the “heart it” function to allow the user a fast assessment of the postings.

Case Study: Wunschbox Grundschul-Blog

The emphasis was on the intuitive and fast discoverability of all material that is offered the user for download.

Case Study: Grundschul-Blog - Download section

Complementary, the internal and external editors of the blog got a training in SEO and user oriented writing. 

Results of the website relaunch

The primary school blog could be successfully established as an information, communication and service platform for the target group.

The effective realization for the primary school publishing house was followed by more projects for the secondary school publishing house and the Corporate Communication of the Ernst Klett Publishing House