Toyota Deutschland – SEO, SEO+ and Relevance Optimization

The Toyota Deutschland GmbH (TDG), a subsidiary of the Toyota Motor Europe (TME), is responsible for the distribution of the Toyota vehicles in Germany. Toyota sold in 2018 10.59 million cars worldwide and – with that – is among the biggest global automotive manufacturers. Apart from that, Toyota is leading in the development of hybrid drive concepts. Starting in 2015, Toyota pursues the “Emission Zero” strategy. Within the scope of the Toyota Environmental Challenge the company is targeting the reduction of its emissions to close to zero until 2050. Toyota is aware of its responsibility for the environment and acts accordingly – not only related to their vehicle fleet but as the entire company.

With semcona we found a partner that optimizes our website step by step, based on valid data and plenty of experience. The organic visibility is particulary important for our strategic topics like hybrid or mobility concepts. With their AI supported Relevance Optimization and based on relevant topic surroundings, semcona serves this task efficiently and in a sustainable way. Through definied KPIs we are able to jointly measure success and changes. That creates a high degree of transparency for our project.

Niels Klamma

Head of Marketing Communication, Toyota Deutschland GmbH

Toyota Deutschland semcona SEO relevance optimization
Case study Toyota: SEO and relevance optimization
Toyota Content Hub relevance optimization

Project Goal

Toyota pursues the target of a compliant website that meets the actual SEO requirements. To reach that, the technical infrastructure as well as the user guidance and contentual relevance play an important role in the overall concept.

Project Scope

After a comprehensive SEO audit, semcona created a concept for optimizing the existing content – related to user needs and relevance. The focus was set on the revision of the “Hybrid” content hub and the “Adviser” pages.

Additional, we evaluate planned campaign pages in relation to SEO and come up with suggestions and proposed amendments for the page layout. For this, we count on the insights from our web audit, combined with data from searchmetrics, Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Results of the Relevance Optimization and SEO+

The close cooperation between Toyota, their lead agency The&Partnership and semcona resulted in a technical and content-related optimization of the website over the last 3 years. Considering the ranking of all Toyota domains worldwide, achives top positions related to the SEO compliance.