Our partners

We connect concentrated knowledge about the user intention from the “web world” with the “search world”.

For the application of our services we rely on the know-how…

…of our well-experienced teams of analysts, editors and relevance optimizers and great technical strategic partners. We combine insights from releminds Smart Data Platform and statistic data from searchmetrics with some – inhouse developed – „secret sauce“. This unique combination of subject matter experts and AI-driven data content management leads to a remarkable increases in organic inbound marketing for our clients.

In sales, we are happy to partner with Family Digital and Neolutions.

Our partner: searchmetrics

About Searchmetrics GmbH

Searchmetrics helps its clients to increase their online reach on a long-term and sustainable basis by supporting them in the technical maintenance and optimization of their website as well as in the creation of high-performance content in order to optimize the user experience of their visitors.

With the deep learning insights of Searchmetrics’ software platform, consisting of Searchmetrics Suite and Searchmetrics Content Experience, the company guides users through the continuously evolving landscapes of online search and helps them stand out from the competition.

Searchmetrics uncovers the opportunities and risks of online marketing. For the first time, their award-winning products combine search and content within one software package, providing marketers with the ultimate platform for perfectly combining technical aspects with the creation of content that leads to more online visibility and direct relationships with their audiences. Searchmetrics provides in-depth insights into online competition, data-based recommendations and hands-on advice to help clients successfully deliver performance-based yet scalable online marketing.

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Our partner: relemind

About relemind GmbH

relemind is operator and provider of a smart data platform for digital marketing. The solution delivers realtime data based on the AI-analysis of billions of documents from the web.

The services, based on this technology – “Smart Relevance Research (SRR)”, “Smart Relevance Optimization (SRO)” and “Smart Relevance Advertising (SRA)” – are e.g. used for the planning and optimization of campaigns, delivered through owned and paid media.

relemind is a founding of the moresophy GmbH, Munich – who developed the cognitive computing platform CONTEXTSUITE which is the technology base for the relemind services – and the Sellutions AG, Berlin, who primarily invests in technical leaders of different industry segments.

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Our partner: Family Fabric

About Family Digital, Inc.

Family Digital, Inc. is a for-profit company founded to create a secure marketplace of messaging services that strengthen families – the FamilyApp. They will offer relevant tools, technology and services on a network providing economic benefit and data privacy for all participants. That’s why Family Digital is focused on B2F to join families and companies through relevant content. Starting with middle of 2019 Family Digital Inc. takes the sales part for the semcona services for US. semcona will take responsibility for the launch of FamilyApp in Germany.

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Our partner: Family Fabric


Neolutions GmbH & Co. KG is a marketing and communication agency focusing on content marketing and strategy, e-mail marketing and editorial services.

Since 2011, the agency is working for small and medium-sized companies as well as groups in many areas, such as automotive, logistics, sports and technology.

In recent years, it was very important to focus on good content but today, it is even more important to focus on the context to achieve good online visibility. With plenty of experience and the usage of modern technology, Neolutions creates significant added value for their clients. The contents created by the agency are published not only on blogs, websites and social media channels but are also used for offline media, like in traditional PR activities and events.

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