Content Hub about olive oil

For deOleo, the distributor of Bertoli and Carapelli olive oil, we created a content hub to holistically inform the user about olive oil and to position the brands with high visibility in context to that topic.

Case study Oliva -
Case study
Oliva - Text about Plasticiser in olive oil

Project Goal

Offer comprehensive information about olive oil, answer questions and clear up mistakes and reservations.

Project Scope

The project is composed from a setup and a continuous support stage. With an extensive web audit, the relevant topics and trends were identificated. Parallel, the content hub was developed and implemented in WordPress. Along the continuous placement of relevant content, a constant measuring monitors the results and changes.

Result of the Relevance Optimization

Within two months, “Oliva” could be established in the web. Thanks to the strictly orientation on user requirements and user questions, the content hub benefits from the last Google Core updates for more quality and transparency in the search results. Reach and organic visibility are rising continously and lasting, even if the content production was reduced to at last one post per week.

deOleo extended the cooperation with semcona and added for support (SEO and Editing).

Featured Snippet for search query "Lagerung Öl" | Position 0
Search results for "Olivenöl Geschmack" | Position 4
semcona case OIiva: Impressions