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The foundation of our work

Since 2013, we support our clients from B2B and B2C through project-specific consultancy, AI-based analyses and concept-, strategy- and content development. Our aim is to reach the highest relevance and visibility for your brand, company and products in the web.

For our clients, we identificate the thematic overlaps between the company interest and -strategy and the interest of existing and future clients. With figuring out those highly relevant topics we enable our clients to reach a clear online positioning.

Our staff is build of people with experiences from different industries, with versatile skills and know-how. Everyone brings in an asset to enable us to concept and successful execute manifold projects.

Experts from online marketing and digital market research, strategists and relevance optimizers form our young, agile and creative team.

We need YOU. Here are our vacancies:

Project Manager

permanent position, 40 h

Web Development

permanent position, 40 h

Working Student


Robert Wauer

Robert Wauer, Managing Director with long-time experience in the online industry

Robert Wauer has more than 20 years experience in the field of digital marketing. His early work in video data mining and interactive video projects resulted in four registered patents. After his degree in economic computer science at Technical University Dresden he founded azionare, which was one of the fastest growing agencies for digital communication in Germany in 2010 and 2011.

5 years after the legendary viral campaign “Horst Schlämmer macht Führerscheint” for Volkswagen and a couple of successful social media campaigns for various industries, azionare became the second largest social media agency in Germany (source: BVDW ranking 2012). Time to start something new and take a deep dive into semantic and Artificial Intelligence in marketing.

Today, Robert Wauer is working as the managing director of the semcona GmbH. Since march 2019, he is the vice chairman of the focus group “Content Marketing” of the BVDW. Our company and our clients benefit from his long-time experience in the online sector that stands hardly out.

The Team of semcona

That’s what we are! A young yet experienced team of experts for in-depth analysis, relevance optimization and contextual targeting.

Marcel Päßler

Jan Pötzscher
CMO I Head of Account Management

Judith Hirsemann
Account Manager

Claudia Hoffmann

Franziska Reck
Management Assistant

Daniela Kloth
Management Assistant

Friederike Scholz
Head of Product

Sven Biechteler

Markus Engel
Developer / IT Administration

Luisa Speer
Head of Content

Jenny Mittrach
Head of Content

Marie Wobst
Content Manager

Robert Pohl
Content Manager

Annika Hübner
Junior Content Manager

Max Wauer
BA Student Betriebliches Ressourcenmanagement

Roberto Wenk

Our advisory board

Uwe Bärmann and Gerhard Meyer support the semcona management as the advisory board. Due to their long-time activities in global management positions, executive boards and at global industry leaders they don’t only come up with more than 100 years of experience in sales, marketing and strategic alliances but do also maintain a valuable international network, formed over decades.

As the advisory board, they introduce their professional expertise and are an important support for the valuation of future-oriented topics, related to strategy, vision and expansion that go far beyond the daily operations.

Uwe Bärmann

Uwe Bärmann
Chairman of the advisory board

Gerd Meyer

Gerhard Meyer
Member of the advisory board